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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

An Ode to Matt Donovan

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A few weeks ago, when I posted about my favorite TV characters, it pained me to leave out Mr. Matt Donovan.  I already wrote about another high school football player character (also happened to be named Matt, Matt Saracen from Friday Night Lights) so I felt like I couldn't include Mr. Donovan.  But, I have come to the conclusion that Matt Donovan (from The Vampire Diaries, in case you didn't know) is in a category of his own.  I have called it the, "All Around Good Guy Who Get's The Short End Of The Stick" category.  Now, Matt Saracen could also fall in this category but he played on a winning football team.  Matt Donovan's team had to forfeit most of their games because their coach got malled by a "wild animal" and I guess they couldn't find a replacement?  Who knows...I wouldn't want to live in that town if I were a teacher/coach, either.  Their life expectancy is a little short.  So, Matt Saracen will have to be counted out of this category.  In conclusion, Matt Donovan deserved a little recognition so I came up with a little poem for him.  The poor guy needed some love since he missed out on another intimate moment with the girl he loves because he got interrupted, again ("Not now, Dana!").  So, without further ado...

An Ode to Matt Donovan 

Matt Donovan’s not your average guy.
With his lack of funds, he pays attention to what he buys
He works hard for his money,
Even missing out on events with his honey.
He’s romantic, but doesn’t know it.
Endearing and sensitive, but doesn’t like to show it.
He’s the type of guy who would never jerk your chain.
He’s loyal to his friends, even when they’re a pain.
His mother’s not around because she’s kind of a whore.
His sister died last year, so she’s not around anymore.
You can’t help but feel bad for him, but he keeps plugging away.
His day in the spotlight will come some day.
Sure, he may not know about the things that go bump in the night,
But he’s always true to himself and does what he feels is right.
Knowledge of his mysterious town will come soon,
I’m sure it will be during a full moon,
But with a guy like Matt,
No matter what you are, he’ll be there for you, like that.

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